About Us

information-566340-150x177We are a fundraising organisation aiming to improve maternal and newborn health in Afghanistan by supporting charities working in that country to improve female education and health and, in particular, the number of midwives.

Our modus operandi is to collect mobile phones for recycling to raise funds to meet this aim exclusively – 100% of the money we receive from the recyclers we use goes to the charities we support.  Currently, and until such time as our revenue increases to a level which makes it worthwhile dividing it up and supporting other charities, all money goes to The Linda Norgrove Foundation.

We are run entirely by volunteers who shoulder any of the costs incurred in running our organisation which, in any event, are only small.  We hold no assets or monies ourselves as all revenue is passed on to the charities we support.

In view of this, and since we are a fundraising organisation that supports registered charities – plus the legal thresholds that exist – we are not ourselves a registered charity.

We comply with the Code Of Fundraising Practice and are regulated by the Fundraising Regulator.