How To Send Phones

android-os-151410-150x295You can send us your phone by clicking this link, which will take you to a page provided by one of our recyclers – fill out the details, send them the phone, and hey presto!

Alternatively, if you have five phones or more, we can arrange a courier if you give us your name, address and mobile phone number, together with the number of phones you are sending and the details of at least one of them.  It will also be very very helpful if you are able to print out the dispatch label and form to go with the parcel to our recycler.

Every mobile phone has a unique 15 digit IMEI number which you can find inside or you can type *#06# on your keypad/screen and it will show the IMEI number of your phone.  You will need this number to send us five phones or more – see here for more info.  You can also use it to check some other information such as the model number.

We love your old mobiles, but only collect the actual phones themselves including their batteries, so please don’t send us chargers, earphones, cables, or any other accessories, as we can’t recycle them – it’s a good idea to remember to remove SIM and memory cards first too!