New Lives From Old Phones

An Afghan woman holds her child

An Afghan woman holds her child

Afghanistan is almost the worst place in the world in which to be born or give birth, because of a shortage of midwives caused by the lack of female education that exists in the country. This means that literally thousands of women and children die who might not otherwise if there were enough midwives – and male nurses or doctors are not allowed to attend births.

To raise funds, we recycle the old unwanted and broken mobile phones that so many of us have lying around. The recycling company we use principally is also utilised by one of the largest international aid agencies, as well as many other charities.

….. and by linking these two things together, we can make a difference and save lives.

So find those old, unwanted or broken mobiles lurking at the back of the draw, gathering dust, and message us via our Contact Us webpage to arrange collection – phones only please, no chargers or other accessories.

One person managed to gather seventeen old phones for us by asking family and friends!